One House Bay, Atokos

von Bernd Holzmann am 09.06.2019 / in Blog

We’ve had the same program as the day before😎 and are now anchoring at the One House Bay at the uninhabited island Atokos. The night was not so good, since I was checking the anchor often, because we’ve had 4 bft winds all night. But, as expected, the fantastic Rocna anchor was holding well. On the first photo you can see the anchor, if you look closely. It’s digged itself in deeply.
The island Atokos has only 2 anchor bays, 1 house 🏡 (after which this Bay here has been named) and a little chapel next to it. I guess we will do some snorkeling now and then we sail on south to Poros in Kefalonia.
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